William H. Rieber Award

William H. Rieber retired from Penn State in April 1980 as the director of Operational Services in Housing and Food Services. William spent 30 years at the University, starting off as a food cost analysis clerk in 1949. In 1961, he was promoted to manager of Business Operations for all of Housing and Food Services. He was appointed to assistant director of Housing in 1971 and moved to his final position four years later. William’s dedication and professional management style during his tenure at Penn State is exemplified today through the William H. Rieber Award for Outstanding Management Performance. Winners of this award share William’s enthusiasm, skillful management practices, and a talent for strong leadership in the Housing and Food Services unit.


A full-time, supervisory, managerial, or administrative staff member who has worked in or supported Housing and Food Services for at least one year is eligible for this award. This is an individual award and is not designed for teams. Award recipients will not be eligible to receive an award two years in a row.

Selection Process

A director serving as chair, plus a five-member awards committee—consisting of directors, assistant directors, managers, and/or assistant managers, and the previous year's award recipient—will select a finalist who demonstrates some or all of the following characteristics:

  • job performance
  • willingness to take initiative
  • enthusiasm
  • loyalty
  • leadership skills
  • ability to cooperate with colleagues and students


The recipient will be presented with a plaque and a monetary award—and will have his or her name displayed on a plaque in the lobby of the Housing and Food Services Building.

Read the FAQ's for more information on the nomination process and considerations.


Any customer or employee who works in or supports Housing and Food Services can nominate one or more persons for this award each year.