West Halls on a Spring day

Housing Operations

University Park’s Housing is one of the largest college housing operations in the nation. There are 52 residence halls, 6 commons buildings, and 359 apartments at University Park with over 300 full- and part-time staff.

Currently there are 14,700 undergraduate students and graduate students living on campus. Housing Operations is responsible for providing a clean, safe environment to compliment Penn State’s academic mission. The Residence Life staff provide educational activities, support and assistance to students throughout the year. Together we facilitate the learning that takes place outside the classroom.

Apartments and Suites

Nittany Apartments

Nittany Apartments features 4-person apartments for upper-class, undergraduate students. Students can preference either a two- and four-bedroom garden apartment or a four-bedroom townhouse apartment. Each apartment features a living room and kitchen.

Nittany Hall

A suite-style building located in the complex, Nittany Hall offers a 4-person suite with two double-occupancy rooms and a shared bathroom.

Eastview Terrace

Eastview houses upper-class students in seven residence halls. Each student has a single room with a private bath. A study/social space and laundry facility is located in each hall.

White Course Apartments

White Course Apartments are located on the west-end of campus and provides a convenient and comfortable apartment complex for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as students with families.

Undergraduate Housing

North Housing Area

An all-coed housing complex, North Halls is home to many first-year students participating in a Living Learning Community. North Housing Area accommodates the majority of students in four-person suites, with a few two-person suites available for upper-class students. First- year students can also live in Robinson Hall, a renovated residence hall that offers more traditional-type housing, with double rooms and individual, private-use bathrooms.

South Housing Area

South Halls is flanked by campus and downtown State College. South Halls offers coed residence halls, with the majority of space being reserved exclusively for upper-class students, sorority chapter members, and first-year students who are members of the Schreyer Honors College.

East Housing Area

The largest residence hall complex on campus, East houses approximately one-half the first-year student population in 16 coed traditional, new, or renovated residence halls.

West Housing Area

West Halls has a traditional collegiate feel - the brick buildings open onto a quad with symmetrical walkways and arches that lead to the heart of campus. First-year and upper-class students are assigned to six coed traditional residence halls.

Pollock Housing Area

The second largest residence hall complex, Pollock is composed of nine traditional coed residence halls. The majority of the halls are reserved exclusively for first-year students, making Pollock the second largest first-year living environment.